The Muse Sings Through The Waters

A Deep Dive into the Mythosomatics of Invocation with The Emerald Podcast’s Josh Schrei and Songkeeper Peia Luzzi

Jurassic Kahili Ranch
Kauai Hawai’i

December 7th – 11th 2023
11am – 4pm daily
$950 (for the immersion only)

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Join The Emerald podcast’s Josh Schrei and singer and archival songkeeper Peia Luzzi for this journey into the power of myth and oral invocation in one of the most awe-inspiring settings on the planet. Through practices of listening, invoking, and singing back, participants will deepen their relationship with the mythic as a living animate force that moves through bodies and is expressed through uttered sound and story. In this immersion, we will focus on the songs and stories of the waters as a vehicle through which to access the animate. In many traditions, the creative force of the world speaks through water. We’ll honor the many beings of water and learn to unlock creative flow within ourselves through connecting to the voice of the waters.

A typical session will involve drone work, storytelling, singing, guided mythosomatic meditation, and discussion. No prior musical training or ability is required, this immersion is for everyone.

Day 1: The Muse Moves
After a foundational somatic practice and introductions, we’ll spend the day connecting to the primal movement of the animate, and work to gain a deeper felt sense of the power that moves through the many voices of water. We’ll explore mythologies of the waters and of the flow of poetic rapture and do simple practices of clearing and emptying to prepare ourselves to listen deeper.

Day 2: Hearing the Voice of the Waterfall
This day begins with a deep dive into mythosomatic listening techniques and stories of the oracles, bards, and singers who listened to the sounds of the waters. In the afternoon, we’ll head to a hidden waterfall for listening practice and swimming.

Day 3: Beira Mar (Seashore)— In many myths, the seashore is the liminal space between this world and the other world. A hike along the magnificent Kauai shoreline allows us to spend time honing our skills of listening to the animate and invoking back. And of course we’ll tell ocean mythologies as we sit by the sea.

Day 4: On Being a Vessel
This session is about understanding how to hone the human instrument to be a good vessel for the voice of the animate to move through. We’ll sing simple songs invoking the water deities, explore mythologies of flowing waters and precious vessels, and explore somatic practices designed to bring us into a good balance of holding and flow, of incubation and expression.

Day 5: Singing Back to the Animate World
For our final day together, we’ll go deeper into the anatomy of invocation, freeing up sound and story through somatic exercises designed to help us invoke. The emphasis will be on developing a regular, simple practice of invoking the muse through accessing the voice of the waters.

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***Space is limited. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from Hawai’i, their own accomodation, and their own local transport. Lunch will be provided during immersion days.

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