Wild Honey

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Wild Honey is the delicious elixir of vocalists Peia Luzzi, Megan Danforth and Cyrise Schachter who specialize in folk songs from all over the world. While attuned to tradition, the trio holds deep reverence for the evolving nature of world music, allowing old songs to emerge in new ways through their synergy and luscious harmonies. Under the guidance of traditional teachers and lineage carriers, Wild Honey has gathered songs form the global hearth. Their use of a cappella and spare acoustic instrumentation offers an inspiring and beautiful respite to the spirit in an age of overstimulation and excess.

The Language of Birds

with Ali Ghamsari

The Language of Birds is the intricate weaving of sacred song preserver & vocalist Peia Luzzi and Iranian composer & virtuoso tar player Ali Ghamsari. A collaboration rooted in the beauty of ancient tradition, yet giving voice to the delicate times in which we live.

Throughout the ages many mystic traditions have interpreted the language of birds as divine communication, the voice of Spirit and the Earth. Birds themselves have long been understood as a universal symbol for freedom and peace.

Through the Language of Birds Ali and Peia build a bridge rich with the depth of cultural diversity, the enchantment of persian poetry, the innate beauty of soaring melody and the glimmer of hope.