Vocal Embodiment and Ancestral Songline Tracing

Song of the Ancients

Voice Opening and Cultivation Work

Each one of us is gifted with a uniquely beautiful voice and lineage of song. My work in Song of the Ancients is to help you discover your true voice through embodied practice engaging natural breath and ancient resonance techniques. The other half of this work is to reconnect you with the songs of your own ancestral lineage. A simple yet powerful act which connects us more deeply to the web of life, lineage and a sense of stewardship & belonging.

My own vocal healing involved an indepth study of both the Indian classical sound alchemy of Raga which cultivates a deeply meditative practice known as ‘The Yoga of Sound.’ As well as understanding the physical inner workings of the voice through the practice of Vocal Pedagogy (the science of the voice.) With these simple tools and correct body mapping I believe everyone can learn to sing with grace, power, flexibility and ease.

During our time together we will explore:
• Somatic & Embodiment tools to unblock both the singing and speaking voice & liberate our inherent expression of beauty and vitality.
• Breath meditations and techniques to return to our natural breath cycle, which regulates the nervous system and helps to release trauma stored in the body.
• Practices to cultivate both resonance and volume without taxing or overworking the voice
• Vocal Warm Ups and tools to stretch the vocal range gently
• Vocal Care
• Songs from the Ancestral European & Celtic Traditions that connect us to the rituals and way of life of these ancient people.
It is said that at it’s height the Celtic culture stretched from as far South as Turkey to the North of Scotland & Ireland. If you have European blood running through your veins, there is a good chance that you share an ancestral connection to the Celtic Clans. This is an opportunity to dive into both the songs and the language of this ancient culture.