We are delighted to announce Peia’s return to Europe for the Resurgence Tour 2022. After a long period of slumber and separation we rise again into new life, through revival, renewal & resurgence.

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With live performances described as timeless and transcendent, Peia’s music transports audiences through hypnotic rhythms & soaring vocals. The trio comes together from The United Stated Canada & Israel with Liron Meyuhas on Percussion & Peter Klaassen on Double bass.
Weaving rich groves, driving percussion, and expansive ethereal vocals, along with layers of charangon and harmonium, they create a lush organic soundscape. Their mesmerizing performances offer authentic re-imaginings of traditional folk treasures, as well as a collection of Peia’s original songs.


The End Was The Beginning – featuring Woven Kin

“Peia’s voice soars like the wind as she sings a love letter to our Earth and an ode to humanity.”

– Huffington Post


Machi Video by Akira Chan

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